Frequently Asked Questions


What is required for the devices?
A 4G SIM card which CAS supplies.
Do I need to purchase a data plan through CAS?
No, but we offer very affordable plans and won’t be able to offer support with an alternate provider.
Why do I need a data plan if the GPS network is free?
Our devices can log into the Global Positioning Network for free, but data usage is needed to send information to the app user.
What phones support the watch and pet apps?
iOS and Android only.
Can I pick up my order at your office?

Yes, but arrangements will need to be made as we are e-commerce store based.

Will I be charged overage fees?
No, there are no overage fees with the data plans we provide.
Can the devices be used outside of Canada?

No, currently we don’t offer international data plans

What happens when the term of my plan is over?
As per terms & agreement the term will be auto renewed unless cancelled prior to end of term.


Do I need to set the button up myself?
No, we program it for you- all you need to do is charge it fully and it’s ready to use.
Are the devices hard to use?
No, they’re very user friendly.
Can I set up a button for my parent or grandparent?
Yes, buttons can be set up on behalf of someone else.
Are the devices and buttons for sale?
No, they remain property of CAS and are for lease only.
Is there a damage deposit?
Yes. $150 for Home Panic Button and $110 for. Personal SOS Button.
Will I be refunded my full damage deposit at end of term?
Yes, if there’s no physical damage and device is returned on time.
Are the wearables I purchased refundable?
No, those are yours to keep.
Will CAS charge me for false alarms?
No, the flat monthly fee covers all calls.
Is there a charge for RCMP calls if I have them as part of my “call-down” list?
If you chose to have RCMP as part of your call-down list-keep in mind emergency services may charge a fee for false alarms.
Does the monthly fee cover both the device AND 24/7 tracking and monitoring?
What is the range of the buttons and devices?
Our devices work on the mobile network, if you’re connected to the network there in no range limit.


Why chose one of our GPS devices over a cellular app for check-ins and safety?

Our wearable devices are attached to you and SOS is always accessible detecting falls and man down alarms. If an emergency occurs it takes too much time to unlock a cell phone-open the safety app and click “help”. Every second counts.

Having our safety devices eliminates the need for personal phones on the job.

What is the difference between the Toplovo and the EV07 models?

Toplovo is a larger device with display screen and is exceptionally durable being water resistant and usable in extreme temperatures. Toplovo is recommended for oil and gas operators, construction and forestry workers. EV-07 is a discreet and lightweight option perfect for business professionals (realtors, nurses etc.).

Why chose CAS for your employee’s safety needs?

Our 24/7 team of monitors have over 20+ years of experience combined with our top of the line GPS devices you will not find a safer more reliable option.

Who needs to check-in?

Any person(s) working alone or with high risk activities.

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Personal SOS Button with Fall Protection

Always feel at ease while having EV-SOS button at your side.

Personal SOS Button with Fall Protection

At the press of a button CAS can send help to your exact GPS location

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